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When you're ready to tell a girl you love her, grand gestures aren't necessary: simply tell her your feelings genuinely and directly in a private place and time, and give her the chance to process and respond according to her own feelings.

At each event, you will meet between 5 to 10 people of the opposite gender.

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In fact, a recent study revealed that, six out of 10 women believe pornography affects how men expect them to look and how sexually adventurous they expect them to be.

Perhaps the issue is that pornography, rather than showing too much, actually shows too little.

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Because your average couples sex lives are not, on a day-to-day basis, as hard-core as those of porn stars, some men (and some women) can have troubles getting aroused.

A study by Malamuth et al suggests that pornography can have a desensitizing effect on some and invoke a viewer to desire more sexually experimental acts.

The hardest thing about speed dating is making it through the door; however, once you’ve had a drink and have met the other Speed Daters, you’ll be feeling more relaxed in no time.

The evening includes a free drink on arrival and delicious nibbles at the break.

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