Who is tamra barney dating 2016

Reunion, Tamra Judge broke down crying as she opened up about the emotional ordeal of having her teenage daughter Sidney leave her to live with her dad, Simon Barney.

“This is something I’ve never talked about,” Tamra told Andy Cohen as she wiped away the tears.

Simon Barney did not get a good reputation when he was on television with Tamra, and many people assume it is because he is a jerk.

However, just as many people seem to think that being married to someone like Tamra made him come across in that light because he was constantly watching her and becoming the voice of reason when she had too much to drink and began to misbehave.

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Ch-ch-check out the Tamra's heartbreaking history with her daughter in her own words (below)!!!He’s had a number of business endeavors in his life and he’s worked very hard to keep them afloat so he can care for his family.When he and his wife were in the middle of their heated divorce, Tamra called the law and reported that Barney threw a leash.Tamra lashed out in a blinding rage towards Kelly on the last episode of the show, during a cast trip to Ireland.Tamra blasted Kelly for “going there,” labeling her heartbreak “life changing pain.” Tamra didn’t mention that her pain was brought on by her own choices.

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