Varlogsyslog not updating

Changing ownsership of these logs to "syslog" and restarting syslogd was sufficient to fix.

/dev/null && debian-sa1 1 1) Apr 10 li243-206 kernel: Kernel logging (proc) stopped. Given this experience I am not terribly confident that the other log files are owned properly.

I want Syslog to write the error and access logs to # /etc/Configuration file for syslogd. # auth,authpriv.* /var/log/*.*;auth,-/var/log/syslog cron.* /var/log/daemon.* -/var/log/kern.* -/var/log/lpr.* -/var/log/mail.* -/var/log/user.* -/var/log/# # Logging for the mail system.

Ihave checked the DPKG-Logs and ´klog´ and ´sysklogd´ have the ´rc´tag now and not the installed ´ii´tag.

#ident "@(#)1.5 98/12/14 SMI" /* Sun OS 5.0 */ # # Copyright (c) 1991-1998 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Also, within ifdef's, arguments # containing commas must be quoted.

# *.=debug;\ auth,authpriv.none;\ news.none;-/var/log/debug *.=info;*.=notice;*.=warn;\ auth,authpriv.none;\ cron,daemon.none;\ mail,-/var/log/messages # # Emergencies are sent to everybody logged in.

# *.emerg * # # I like to have messages displayed on the console, but only on a virtual # console I usually leave idle.

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