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These guiding principles are: Take a holistic view of the new technology Technology is just a tool and therefore it is not an end in itself.

When technology is applied to any activity related to electoral administration and elections, it is important to consider carefully the electoral context in which the technology is used.

The personality work effectively identifies correlates of collective action without necessarily providing explanations of motivation.The social psychological work provides convincing motives for collective action but downplays individual difference variables.The integration of these two traditions addresses these gaps and allows for a deeper, more complex understanding of the phenomenological experience of the development of group consciousness and links to collective action.They include relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, social and political context, organisational culture, procedures developed to complement the technology and training of technicians and users.Consider the impact of introducing new technologies When a new system is being considered to replace another, an evaluation is needed to assess the impact of the change on all stakeholders.

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