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The reason the list contains SAS controllers is because they are just as good as an option as SATA controllers: many of them are as inexpensive as SATA controllers (even though they target the enterprise market), they are fully compatible with SATA 3Gbps and 6Gbps disks, and they support all the usual features: hotplug, queueing, etc.

A SAS controller typically present SFF-8087 connectors, also known as internal mini SAS, or even i PASS connectors.

Up to 4 SATA drives can be connected to such a connector with an SFF-8087 to 4x SATA forward breakout cable (as opposed to reverse breakout). Here are a few links if you have trouble finding them.

There are really only 5 significant manufacturers of discrete non-RAID SATA/SAS controller chips on the market: LSI, Marvell, JMicron, Silicon Image, and ASMedia.

Over the years, I have spent quite some time on the controllers manufacturers' websites, the LKML, linux-ide and ZFS mailing lists, and have established a list of SATA/SAS controllers that are ideal for ZFS or Linux MD RAID.

I also included links to online retailers because some of these controllers are not that easy to find online.

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