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Your Emotions: Wearing a fully equipped dildo harness can have quite an impact on the mind set for many women.

Here’s our definition of the term: Pegging, a style of anal sex, can be performed sensually, slowly and rhythmically or deep, fast and rough.It’s a fetish or kink enjoyed by lots of hetrosexual couples that has links to erotic male surrender and Feminine Domination.Pegging taps into the submissive male fantasy of being dominated by his Mistress, submitting to her desires, and giving his mind, body and soul to better serve her needs.This includes the material it’s made of, cage and ring size, whether or not you’re circumcised, and ease of staying fresh and clean for your Mistress.First Time Experience Although not strictly a chastity device have a look for a cock harness called the “Gates of Hell”.

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