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This makes maintenance of the record simple and straightforward and ensures the accuracy and integrity of the information.

If you wish to apply to register with TES, please complete our online form below and upload your CV.

It is also the source of the statutory governmental reports that secure University funding.

It is a single point of entry system, with no duplication of data, resulting in one record for each student.

If you have already made direct arrangements with a University department/institution to work temporarily with them, you are not required to complete the online form.

Instead, please call the TES office on (01223) 332348 or email us at [email protected] arrange a payroller appointment.

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Based on State Code 58.1-3913, any tax or other charge that is delinquent must be collected prior to the issuance of a refund. The City has partnered with Global Express Bill Payment Centers to offer off-site cash payment centers throughout Northern Virginia for City parking citations and some City taxes.

The City of Alexandria cannot accept online payment for parking citations issued to booted or impounded vehicles, or to vehicles cited for failure to display a City vehicle decal (violation code 3-2-336, 10-4-37, or 10-4-37.1).

The boot or decal violation must be resolved before the parking citation may be paid and verification is currently not automated.

You must attend this appointment before you start any work.

The University of Cambridge is committed to equality of opportunity, supports and encourages under-represented groups and values diversity.

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