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When the former head of the Oslo police’s violent crime department, Hanne Kristin Rohde, said in 2011 that there was a “clear statistical connection” between rapes and non-Western male migrants, she was met with hostility, she told The New York Times. “There are lots of men who haven’t learned that women have value”.

But “the biggest danger for everyone is silence”, said Per Isdal, a clinical psychologist at Alternative to Violence, the Norwegian non-profit organisation running the programme.

The device had appeared to be capable of causing only a limited amount of damage, the police said earlier.

"Every restaurant was being closed," Malin Myrvold, who witnessed the scene from a fourth-storey window, told the Associated Press.

Authorities later said the device was neutralised and a teenage Russian suspect arrested.

I was taken aback by some of the male specimens on display. But what can you expect when Israelis and the Palestine Liberation Organization, acting on thousands of years of hostilities, gradually inch toward each other with the genteel nudging of mild-mannered Norwegian diplomats?Even more unlikely, the diplomats constitute the dramatic core, as they’re too quiet to be conventionally heroic but are risking their careers on purely idealistic grounds.A seasoned dramaturge wouldn’t have been wrong to recommended that the character count be halved and that numerous details about diplomatic protocol be cut.But the inclusion of such things is what gives the play so much of its cumulative power, as the diplomats build a fragile house of cards, sometimes buttressed by half-truths, and with differences resolved by means as simple as liberal amounts of alcohol.

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