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Again, if you have a private account, your post will not be seen publicly, regardless of hashtags. Others have grown followings specific to each social media platform e.g.

Pinterest rather bluntly states (in its ‘How To’ spiel) “Do not use hashtags”! Let’s put them into categories: ‘Evergreens’ – can be used throughout the year. Twitter’s #Monday Motivation and Instagram’s #OOTD (‘outfit of the day’ – perfect for its army of fashion bloggers). #Oscars2017; #Brexit; #World Book Day or seasonal celebrations e.g. These also cover industry trends, movements and other world topics e.g.

Take LOL – is that ‘laugh out loud’ or ‘lots of love’?

Misuse of this particular favourite could get you into all kinds of trouble!

LGBTQ survivors are just as diverse in their responses and needs, but face additional challenges as well.

Within the LGBTQ community, discrimination and shame often lead to greater silence about problems like intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

During the year that I volunteered in this capacity, I worked with a range of survivors – of all genders, races, classes, languages and ages.Facebook doesn’t fare so well in the hashtag conversation because most users have private accounts.A hashtag will only be seen if it’s in a public post. It even suggests relevant ones and shows engagement levels for each to help you optimise your posts.Dear Meredith, I'm engaged to a wonderful man (no wedding date yet). I love him with all my heart and want to grow old with him. Like I said, I love Joe very much, but if he is gay it would be devastating because I want to have a family with him, but above all, I want him to be happy and live his life to the fullest.He has a great job, great personality, is very intelligent, and we live happily together. Whenever we watch TV, movies, or talk about people in general, he is quick to point out "what a great looking guy" some guys are. He could be bisexual and attracted to men, but if that's the case, I don't think I could stay with him. Your advice and your readers' advice would be appreciated.

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