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Three MS-13 street-gang members from El Salvador are being held without bail on charges they forced a 16-year-old New York girl into the woods near a golf course, and two of them raped her while the third kept watch.

“This is one of the most brutal, heinous crimes that I have seen in a long, long time,” Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said at a news conference, according to New York’s WNBC-TV.

Initiation rites include kickings, beatings and gang rapes.

MS-13 relies on metropolitan areas with highly concentrated populations of illegal aliens to boost its spreading membership.

In 2006, WND reported MS-13 had been infiltrating at least 33 states across the U. The gang is well-known in Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Washington, D. Any person suspected of cooperating with authorities is hunted down, tortured and killed.He never should have been there in the first place.Police, prosecutors and a judge mistook him for a different Jorge Alberto Martínez Chávez, a man eight years younger with a gang tattoo across his chest and a criminal history that includes charges of extortion, illegal gun possession and murder.(Giles Clarke/Getty Images)On a dusky evening last spring, Jorge Alberto Martínez Chávez was tossed into the hell that is El Salvador’s prison system: a holding cell barely bigger than the bed of a pickup, where more than 50 prisoners were crammed together, some on the sweat-soaked floor and others spilling out of thin hammocks crisscrossed from ground to ceiling.The air was hot and humid, and prisoners’ half-naked bodies reeked of urine and ulcers from a recent outbreak of bacteria, according to a guard.

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