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There have been 60-70% reductions in the past 20-30 years in at least one part of its range in the central Philippines. Although there are numerous marine reserves in areas where this species is heavily fished (Coral Triangle Region), most reserves are not very well managed. It is occasionally found in Raja Ampat (Allen 2003). It is heavily fished in the central Philippines with reductions of 60-70% through fishing compared to adjacent marine protected area sites (Stockwell This species inhabits coastal rocky and coral reefs including mangrove areas, turbid lagoons and the upper edges of clear seaward reefs from tidal pools to a depth of at least 20 m. It is a very common market species in many localities in the Coral Triangle region.

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Sixtyocons: Sixty, as in the aggressively oligophrenic end of the I. Weeocons:(Pic pilfered from jurassicporks’s place) Baby Republicans.

It is based on Gentoo Linux, and users can install it as an overlay.

It offers many features, broken down in 15 different categories, and come together with a search engine to make things faster. Security Onion Security Onion is designed to detect intrusions and monitor network security. It comes together with tools such as Wireshark packet sniffer and Suricata intrusion detection software.

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