Dating a co worker dating as a single mom

The move prompted more than 450 people to sign a petition demanding the popular shop assistant could kept his job.

And almost 800 people supported a Facebook campaign, titled ‘Let’s help Adrian Weekes keep his job.’ Now staff at the Co-Op have confirmed Mr Weekes is back working at the store.

I’m a married woman, he’s a single guy, and over the years it feels like our lives have become so intertwined that I never get a break.

We go to the same gym, he travels with my family and friends, and he has generally become a part of my social circle.

(One Fox source said Hume seemed genuinely amused and somewhat flattered to be linked by gossip to the attractive and much younger Kendall.) A Fox spokesperson also flatly denied it, and suggested it was being "shopped around" by enemies of the network. "They'd complain to him about each other." A Fox spokeswoman denied that either Hume has bothered Ailes.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," she said.

A supermarket worker who was suspended after he apprehended a shoplifter by sitting on him is back at work.

Adrian Weekes, 52, was hailed a hero when he was pictured tackling the 15-year-old thief at the Co-op store in Stroud, Gloucestershire, last week.

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