Consolidating email accounts iphone

These are: These mailboxes aren't folders like an inbox, they simply display all messages that meet a certain criteria, e.g.messages that have been flagged or that are unread.You will then be able to show or hide any of the standard mailboxes, as well as rearrange them by dragging them up or down.As mentioned previously, you can also hide mailboxes that you may not want to display. Simply uncheck it and it will be removed from the mailbox list.The i Phone 4 or i OS 4 has the ability to merge multiple e-mail addresses into one inbox.

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This Email Forwarding step is to make ensure all emails from your one account will reach your desired primary Gmail account instantly.

By default, Mail will display the inbox of all currently enabled mail accounts, as well as the VIP list.

In addition to these default mailboxes, Mail also has additional mailboxes that act as filters, letting you view messages based on their status.

i OS 7 introduced a number of enhancements and new features to Mail, an app that was by all accounts getting a little dated.

One particularly useful feature, especially for users with multiple mail accounts, has been the ability to organise and show/hide mailbox folders.

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