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Rather than getting the authorities involved, Allie has decided that she needs to head over herself and investigate what might have happened. Marit points her towards a website, cam2and bids her goodnight. As with any indie movie (or movie in general) some are better than others. The writers spent too much time focusing on confusing the viewer into thinking one thing while trying to add a "twist" and make it seem as though things were the complete opposite the whole time. The story comes off confusing without any explanation as to why certain things happen or what motivates the killer. Has some mid point plot spoilers, but not the ending Cam2cam is NOT a hand held genre.Of course, Allie visits the site, and begins to make the same mistakes as her sister. The production, sound, and video are all good as well. The title refers to a web site where people video chat and can get "naughty or nice." The film opens with Lucy (Jade Tailor) involved in a video chat.Best for: Apple fans, those who use Safari on OS X too, whether you like it or not. In fact in some ways, it is actually quite impressive.

The dark menace beneath Michael's easy charm and the strange magnetism of the group's leader, Marit, drive Allie to the brink of madness.

You can’t do that with any other browser (to the best of my knowledge), so if you would like a folder full of website shortcuts on your i OS screen, then Safari is your only hope.

What is annoying is that if you want to open a web page from most third-party apps, the only option is to open it in Safari.

You can also receive the notifications when the i Cam detects anything.

To use this app, you will have to download i Cam Source software from or buy its mobile app.

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