Bill nighy anna wintour dating speed dating in colorado springs

Actor Bill Nighy is resisting his urge for another cup of coffee.

bill nighy anna wintour dating-78

The children of two Vogue editors are set to tie the knot in what is sure to be the most fashionable wedding of the century.

Full Story I was in New York last week on 3 junkets – Harry Potter, Bandslam (which was actually much better and funnier than I expected), and G-Force.

Was super, super excited about G-Force, though not the part when I had to screen the movie with a theatre full of children hopped up on candy and popcorn, but the part when I looked down at the schedule and saw that Bill Nighy was assigned.

Full Story Rufus Scrimgeour is to be played by Bill Nighy!

Am now obsessed with the picture of him kissing her ear.

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