Automatic updates keeps updating same patch

Note: You can also configure these Windows Update settings with a little Power Shell script that I wrote.If you apply any of the policies to Windows 10 1607, the Windows Updates settings don't show any information about the configuration.A version control system (VCS) allows you to track the history of a collection of files.It supports creating different versions of this collection.The good news is there are several methods to get i OS update reminders from constantly appearing on your device, each takes a different approach, from postponing the update, to removing it, to giving in and updating, to even blocking the update server. If you take this route, get used to pressing “Later” and “Remind Me Later” repeatedly, as in 24 hours you’ll be asked about it again. And another 24 hours later, you can go through the process yet again, until you either give in or move along with another of the options below.When you see the i OS Software Update reminder, choose “Later” and then choose “Remind Me Later” – don’t worry, it will remind you later. The best way to stop being nagged about impending i OS updates available is to delete the i OS update from the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch, and then avoid wi-fi.Exactly - stacks of updates from the first day of the OS's release.

While you can postpone the software update 24 hours or choose to install it automatically in the middle of the night, often times users don’t want to install the update at all for a variety of reasons.

New is a feature that allows you to configure Active hours and Restart options.

Although I could not find an official statement, it appears that these options have disappeared in Windows 10 1607.

- A Windows 7 VM was last checked in July 2015 and had over 50 updates waiting to be installed.

- A Windows 8.1 VM was a new clean install and there were over 170 updates waiting for it.

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