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They were thinking about Kim Hyun Joong as Rui but weren't sure. But the casting of Tsukushi is proving to be very difficult. I should stop ending every sentence with an exclamation mark! I am trying to stop myself from making an Anbi fangirling service site haha!

But after watching 'We Got Married' they felt that he was going to be able to portray the role of Rui well. When Solbi hosted MBC Music Core, Andy guested and sang "Propose" to her, gave her a rose wand went down on my knees, thank god I was not in the audience or I would have lost my caboodles and went crazy seeing them so sweet together.

The celebrity ‘couple’ Andy and Solbi from “We Got Married” has taken a charity photoshoot together to raise funds for Korean children in difficult circumstances.

From the show 'We Got Married' the ever popular SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong has been casted for the role, Rui.

The SNSD ones are just latest breaking news while Won Bin and Moon Geun Young are not.

Sooyoung of SNSD and Jung Kyung Ho Yoona of SNSD and Lee Sung Ki Won Bin and Lee Na Young Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum1.

right after i watched the first few episodes of we got married (only andy and solbi)..i immediately look here at AF to see if there's a thread already for them..

singing propose to solbi both times and buying the ring..

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    Another cousin present, James 'Pip' Woods, suggested they sing together professionally.