Accommodating disabilities business management guide validating the security credentials

These “hidden” disorders can be hard for students to disclose because many people assume they are healthy because “they look fine.” In some cases, the student may make a seemingly strange request or action that is disability-related.

For example, if you ask the students to rearrange the desks, a student may not help because he has a torn ligament or a relapsing and remitting condition like Multiple Sclerosis.

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In general, it is appropriate to reference the disability only when it is pertinent to the situation.Small business owners should not discourage the hiring of physically and mentally challenged workers in their establishments, but rather work with disabled employees to utilize their talents.Disabled persons add diversity and a new perspective to your workforce.An information sheet from the International Labor Organization, published on the Harvard Law School Project on Disability website, says: "In today's global economy, managing diversity is a major factor in a company's efficiency, productivity and overall business success." Your initiative in hiring physically or mentally challenged employees will widen the diversity and skill set of your staff and helps you establish a reputation in the community as an inclusive and progressive business. Small Business Administration, you are legally required to provide certain accommodations for these employees.Disabled workers might need special equipment to successfully perform their jobs. This agency's recommendation is that you thoroughly acquaint yourself with the "Guide to Disability Laws" which summarizes the laws and guidelines for employers who have physically or mentally challenged individuals in their workplace.

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